Borderou de evaluare (job #2660735)

Utilizator Dobricean_IoanDobricean Ionut Dobricean_Ioan Data 20 octombrie 2020 13:16:04
Problema Xor Max Status done
Runda Arhiva de probleme Compilator cpp-64 | Vezi sursa
Scor 50

Raport evaluator

Compilare: main.cpp: In constructor 'Trie::Trie()': main.cpp:16:9: warning: this 'for' clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation] for(short int i=0;i<26;i++) ^~~ main.cpp:18:13: note: ...this statement, but the latter is misleadingly indented as if it is guarded by the 'for' prefix=0; ^~~~~~ main.cpp: In function 'void REMOVE(char*)': main.cpp:39:24: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare] for(short int i=0;i<strlen(x);i++){ ~^~~~~~~~~~
Test Timp executie Memorie folosita Mesaj Punctaj/test Punctaj/grupa
13ms131kbOk... pentru moment55
23ms131kbOk... pentru moment55
35ms1048kbOk... pentru moment55
472ms21364kbOk... pentru moment55
5239ms65552kbMemory limit exceeded00
6221ms65552kbMemory limit exceeded00
7252ms64618kbTime limit exceeded00
8245ms65552kbMemory limit exceeded00
972ms1179kbOk... pentru moment55
1056ms524kbOk... pentru moment55
112ms131kbBine, Ionel!55
122ms131kbOk... pentru moment55
134ms655kbOk... pentru moment55
1465ms17825kbOk... pentru moment55
15220ms17170kbOk... pentru moment50
16252ms17432kbTime limit exceeded0
17250ms57933kbTime limit exceeded0
18252ms53346kbTime limit exceeded00
1953ms655kbBine, Ionel!5
2045ms524kbOk... pentru moment5
Punctaj total50

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